(Murkowski Setback): Alaska Judge Blocks Distribution Of 'Write-In-Names'

Sep 2010
Good, at least there is some judicial integrity in Alaska. The judge was appointed by Palin successor Gov Sean Parnell who is riding high on Palins policies she enacted. This is bad for Murkowski. If nobody at the polls can help voters spell her name , which is hard to do for some, then her name mispelled will not be counted as a vote. I applaud Judge Pfiffner for his command of the English language. We should help spread the word- Alaska, write in Mercowsky-!!!


ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- An Alaska judge on Wednesday granted a temporary restraining order stopping the state elections officials from handing out names of write-in candidates at polling places.

The ruling is a setback for the campaign of incumbent U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who was defeated in the August GOP primary by tea party favorite Joe Miller and is mounting a write-in campaign. Former Sitka Mayor Scott McAdams is the Democrat in the race.

Anchorage Superior Court Judge Frank A. Pfiffner said the division was in clear violation of an administrative regulation.

The regulation reads, "Information regarding a write-in candidate may not be discussed, exhibited, or provided at the polling place, or within 200 feet of any entrance to the polling place."

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Former Staff
Nov 2006
I agree with this ruling.

If you can't wear a wwe shirt to vote, you shouldn't be able to pass along names.