Muslim Nations Silent on China's Abuse of Uighers

Jul 2013
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Nope. Never did. What happened over 100 years ago has nothing to do with those living NOW. Except as Historical facts that should be taught in SCHOOL. This concept of "Original Sin" does not fly.
What happened a hundred years ago is considered a tradition to be conserved by conservatives.
Oct 2019
Some humans really, truly suck. I fear China is planning to genocide these people.

Your thoughts?
Frankly, if people are not making every effort to boycott Chinese products, then it is support for whatever they are engaged in.

Maybe people will start to recognize the high price of low cost trade with an anti human regime like China.

We have drawn the same standards when avoiding "blood diamonds" from africa, among other similar aversions to sanctioning bad groups.
Nov 2007
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I would not doubt China would not exterminate this group and others. They have harvested organs from the Uighur Muslim minority. I am sure investment is a big part of this but any Muslim country goes up against China will be beaten badly with very poor outcomes if it reached military involvement.

Who said anything about military involvement? I think the complaint here is that they're fawning over China and staunchly defending the govenment's conduct in Xinjiang. No one's suggesting Pakistan invade China, they're simply pointing out that whining about Palestinians and Rohingya while ignoring what's happening in Xinjiang shows them be snivelling hypocrites.

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Jul 2011
The Chinese only respect those who respect themselves, fact...

I learned this well, living for years in the most Asian city in Canada, where 60% of population is Chinese.

Majority of my high school was also. And the college I went to. And the strata council (residents' association) in the apatment building I lived in.

That last one was the most interesting experience for me. The Chinese, again, were majotrity in the building. At the meetings, they all started to talking to each other in their language.

There were also some (white) Canadian residents, a small group, who, frankly, didn't know what to do about this.

Luckily they had me, then still a relatively fresh immigrant from a much less tolerant and PC part of the world, who didn't give a shit, and simply yelled at the Chinese council members to speak fucking English when discussing council business, because we all deserved to understand what was happening, and because it's the damned official language where they live now...

And, guess what, they always did, from then on (speak English at the meetings), likely out of fear of the crazy guy from Russia :D
Jun 2014
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"The US House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved a bill that would require the Trump administration to toughen its response to China’s crackdown on its Muslim minority in Xinjiang, drawing swift condemnation from Beijing.

The Uighur Act of 2019 is a stronger version of a bill that angered Beijing when it passed the Senate in September. It calls on the president, Donald Trump, to impose sanctions for the first time on a member of China’s powerful politburo even as he seeks a trade deal with Beijing.

Last week Trump signed into law legislation supporting anti-government protesters in Hong Kong despite angry objections from China.

China considers banning 'odious' US politicians over Xinjiang criticism.

The Uighur bill, which passed by 407-1 in the Democratic-controlled House, requires the president to condemn abuses against Muslims and call for the closure of mass detention camps in the north-western region of Xinjiang.


Whut does it mean " to impose sanctions for the first time on a member of China’s powerful politburo even as he seeks a trade deal with Beijing?"

Anyway, good on the House.

Your thoughts?
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