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Nov 2016
Are you serious? You take your parrots on car rides?
How do you think I get them to the vet?

They do fine, and the vet’s ok with it.

We hardly ever travel, and the latest trip I took I went alone, leaving DH behind to deal with them. Now, it would have been cruel to subject my babies to my goofy relatives!
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Feb 2007
Do you think that therapy animals suffer from anxiety brought on by being a therapy animal?

Your whole existence is to comfort someone else.
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Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
I don’t question that the lady has crippling anxiety. That’s a thing. It’s real. It affects people’s abilitiy’s to function.

I suspect that if she or a caretaker had worked with Via Rail they could have reached a decision ahead of time. Like - a special seat, a cage, an understanding that a rabbit can’t take the train. The problem here is showing up on travel day with a fucking rabbit.

How much do you want to bet someone else on that train had a debilitating fear of, or allergy to, rabbits, and would have crucified Via if they’d let that rabbit on?
Yes, crippling anxiety is a thing. But so is faking that disorder so as to push past other people's boundaries.

We here in Ohio have HOA's trying to force homeowners with emotional support pigs to obey the no livestock rules. Dipshits insisting restaurants serve them and their emotional support cat, unrestrained. Etc.

There must have been an epidemic of crippling anxiety around here, because suddenly, every 3rd person seems to have it, and almost all of them need to be accommodated.