Mysterious radio signals from deep space detected

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Is ET coming??

Astronomers have revealed details of mysterious signals emanating from a distant galaxy, picked up by a telescope in Canada. The precise nature and origin of the blasts of radio waves is unknown.

Among the 13 fast radio bursts, known as FRBs, was a very unusual repeating signal, coming from the same source about 1.5 billion light years away. "Knowing that there is another suggests that there could be more out there," said Ingrid Stairs, an astrophysicist from the University of British Columbia (UBC). "And with more repeaters and more sources available for study, we may be able to understand these cosmic puzzles - where they're from and what causes them."

The CHIME observatory, located in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley, consists of four 100-metre-long, semi-cylindrical antennas, which scan the entire northern sky each day. There are a number of theories about what could be causing them.

They include a neutron star with a very strong magnetic field that is spinning very rapidly, two neutron stars merging together, and, among a minority of observers, some form of alien spaceship.

Mysterious radio signals from deep space
Jan 2016
Heh, if the mysterious signals are coming from a distant galaxy 1.5 billion light years away, I think we can safely assume that any ET's there are not targeting Earth, and have no plans to visit our lovely little planet.

The FRBs almost certainly have a natural explanation. I am more interested in scouring the sky for galaxies with very unusual spectra, that might indicate a Kardashev Level 3 civilization, that has constructed millions upon millions of Dyson spheres in their home galaxy. Now THAT would be fascinating!
Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
So those radio signals were generated 1.5 billion years ago, there have been 5 major extinction events on Earth since then, I wonder how many on the other end?
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Nov 2013
So those radio signals were generated 1.5 billion years ago, there have been 5 major extinction events on Earth since then, I wonder how many on the other end?
If one would want to assume that those signals actually are ET coming towards us, and the signal indicates the starting time of their journey towards us...

1. As you said, they started this trip 1.5 billion years ago.. they better have a lot of food on board of their spaceship, and have procreated constantly.
2. Assumption would be that evolution of the species starting that trip have morphed them in the 1.5 billion years, based on their confined surrounding of a spaceship, difference of environment, into something completely different from what they were / looked like when they started the trip.
3. assuming they had 1.5 billion years ago technology that allowed to make speed of.. what …? 1/10 of lightspeed ?? 1/4 ?
Let's be really optimistic, and say 1/4 of lightspeed.. they would then be 25 % on their way to us by now.. woohoo !
4. In 4.5 billion years, based on that assumed speed, they would reach us. Just in time to see our sun explode and our planet go bust for eternity. yay !
5. If they phone their home planet to tell them they saw a random fireball explode.. ooops.. tha exploding sun had taken their spaceship too. darn.
6. It will take 1.5 billion years for the last signal from that spaceship to reach their home base. So that far away civilization, who sent a space ship our way 1.5 billion years ago.. will know in earliest 6 billion years that their explorers found a living planet, which got destroyed. At which time the messenger is dead for 1.5 billion years.

Inter galactic space travel does not have a bright future. :winktongue: