Nail biter in North Carolina


Oct 2018
Somewhere they can't find me.
McCready, the source said, has nearly 100% name recognition with voters after running for two full years. A former Marine, McCready's campaign slogan — “Country over party” — has resonated with some Republican voters. “He’s acceptable” to Republicans, the source said.

That's a slogan no Republican can ever use again without inviting howls of laughter.
May 2019
A heavily Republican district where Trump campaigned yesterday is close with the dem ahead. Live updates: North Carolina holds a special election - CNNPolitics
At the moment, it appears what I posted this a.m. will be the result. 1 win for the Ds in NC CD 9 and 1 win for the RWC GOP in NC CD 3 which already has been declared according to your link. Hoping the D in CD 9 holds on so DJT has more egg on HIS face.

NY Times CD 9
North Carolina Special Election Results: Ninth House District


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Apr 2007
Good to see Cumberland County blue at the moment. Yeah, it's Fort Bragg, but the permanent residents are a lot of special forces.
Robeson is heavily Lumbee Indian, and Democratic.
Scotland County has a college, thus blue.
I'm surprised that Anson is blue, but glad of it.
No surprise about Union County. I grew up there and so did Jesse Helms.
That little sliver of Mecklenburg is heinously gerrymandered.