Nail biter in North Carolina

Jul 2011
swept,,, emotional term, its always contemptible when neophytes try to debate the calculus with emotional terms.

but you still lost, like got swept in that state. you seem to have a little sour grapes.

Again, there is no excuse for winning and had it gone exactly the other way you'd be here gloating. don't lie.
Mar 2012
New Hampshire
CNN was at various polling sites yesterday and several voters did say they hadnt planned to vote but they said Trump needed a win and reminded them at the rally to vote. So it will be interesting to see if his rallies do make a difference in some of these places. They said the non urban turnout vote in this election was very high.
Mar 2007
If McCready pulls this out, it’s a major blow to Trump’s ego.
If Trump University's failure wasn't a blow to his ego or the New Jersey Generals failing to take over the NFL or any one of his other dozens of failures, I doubt an election failure is going to be a blow.

Trump couldn't get Mexico to pay for the wall..... etc etc etc.

His ego is pretty much indestructible.
Mar 2012
New Hampshire
This seems to present subjective conclusions. One side can claim the GOP candidate only won by a small margin in a red district. The other side could claim that the backlash against Trump isn’t resonating as much now as in the 2018 blue wave.
True. Also Bishop was down by 17 points 2-3 weeks ago. Is Trump right that his rallies help? To me its quite shocking that a moderate veteran could lose to a very conservative guy who championed the bathroom bill. Most pollsters claimed he wouldnt have much of a chance back when he won the primary as he would be under the microscope for that. Yet he prevailed. Have heard turnout was high in rural areas but would like to see how it was in the suburbs and urban areas. Did they stay home?
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