Nathan's Hot Dogs for Trump Victory

Dec 2006
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I don't really have much experience with Nathan's hot dogs, but I have eaten their pickles. They're hella salty, even more than Claussen. This will be an easy boycott.

It appears the Nathan's Executive Chairman has raised the ire of the left. That almost universally includes trans women. They don't even know how many pickles sales they just lost (kind of an inside joke).

Nathan's Hot Dogs is facing backlash in the wake of a report that the iconic brand's executive chairman is holding a fundraiser for President Donald Trump.

On Monday, Bloomberg reported that Howard Lorber is holding a fundraising event for Trump in the Hamptons on Friday. Lorber, who is a real estate mogul in addition to being Nathan's Hot Dogs executive chairman, has been friends with Trump for decades. In 2016, Trump named Lorber as one of his two best friends when asked by The New York Times.

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Jun 2014
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I don't have to eat Kosher, so I don't eat Nathan's. I rarely eat hot dogs at all, but when I do, I eat these:

This is the closest thing that Oscar Mayer still makes to their classic hot dogs, before everyone started adding mechanically separated chicken as a filler meat. They are made from pork and beef just like the old classic Oscar Mayers.
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Jul 2011
So you people don't buy products if the owner of a company doesn't agree with you politically.

These never work and are just little poutrums.

And if they did, who would you people actually hurt, the owner or the working class that works at nathans first?

You all don't think this shit through sometimes. ;)
Jul 2011
Jim Koch from Sam Adams Beer has recently also come under fire/boycott for supporting Trumps tax plan. Yeungling CEO as well. Very early supporter of Trumps.

yeah the sam adams was that idiot mayor of boston crapping on a company that employes many of his residents.

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