National Enquirer’s Alleged Threats Against Jeff Bezos Have Put It in Enormous Legal Jeopardy (or--Pecker just f'd with the wrong GUY)

Jul 2015
You know last year I was on this board and said the NRA just fucked with the wrong 'kids'. That was 2 hours into the PARKLAND MASSACRE. I was much slower on the uptake for BEZOS. I had to read it, including BEZOS tweet before it gelled and sunk in.
The NRA is sinking like a stone. (Maybe PUTIN and the Russian spy can save them).
Now it's NATIONAL INQUIRER's turn. Put this fucking rag out of business and SINK PECKER. But pull his passport FIRST! BLACKMAIL is only the opening salvo for Pecker's legal peril.
(Hey wingshits, you better hope like hell there are NO PHONE CALLS between Pecker and Trump that are 'traceable'. These are all the 'federal assets' that can investigate and determine who broke which laws and which countries might have 'assisted'. The FBI, the CIA, Southern District of NY FEDS, DC District FEDS, Southern District of Florida FEDS and of course MUELLER!)
"The fact that AMI would take the huge risk of trying to blackmail
the richest man on the planet is superficially baffling."

The National Enquirer’s Alleged Threats Against Jeff Bezos Have Put It in Enormous Legal Jeopardy
Here are all the laws American Media Inc. may have broken in going after the Amazon CEO.
FEB 08, 20193:09 PM
Last year, we learned that American Media Inc., the company that publishes the National Enquirer, and its CEO, David Pecker, acted as a shield protecting Donald Trump against disclosure of his extramarital activities. In a nonprosecution agreement with the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, AMI admitted that Pecker met with Michael Cohen in August 2015 and offered to help suppress stories about Trump’s infidelity. Thereafter, AMI was involved in the hush money payments to both Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal, in the latter case using the “catch and kill” technique of buying the rights to her story and then burying it.
It now appears that the media firm may also have acted as a sword slashing at Trump’s enemies. The company recently targeted Jeff Bezos—world’s richest man, CEO of Amazon, owner of the Washington Post, and frequent target of Trump’s ire—by exposing his extramarital affair with Lauren Sanchez. Bezos responded by launching a private investigation of AMI’s methods and possible political motivations. (Did they come after him at the behest of Trump or perhaps Trump family pals, the Saudis?) Then, in an effort both brazen and bizarre, AMI sought to quash Bezos’ investigation by threatening to publish a series of intimate photos of the CEO and Sanchez....
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Jul 2015
As a reminder folks, remember FOX'S owner, Murdoch had to shutter NEWS OF THE WORLD, what 5 or 6 years ago? Didn't they go from breaking headline of PHONE HACKING in the UK to shut down in about 6 months? And they didn't have any assist from folks like the SAUDI PRINCE!!

It's early but MUELLER might have to bring back under his purview the piece of the TRUMP investigation he spun off to the SDNY. This might have well gotten bigger than FEC violations, illegal payoffs to TRUMP BIMBOS! A whole lot bigger. Michael Cohen may well have just bought more time before SENTENCING.
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Oct 2015
There's already a conspiracy brewing involving Trump, the Saudi's, and I think I heard Keyser Soze's name thrown in there too.

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