NCAA Signals It Will Continue Pro-LGBTQ Stance

Dec 2015
In Your Heart!
The NCAA is to be highly commended for its continuing non-discrimination policy that favors the LGBT Community and for not doing business in states that discriminate against them. Texas, a very backward and draconian red state is now in the process of enacting just such a law in their state and needs to learn a good hard lesson that states that discriminate against Gays and Lesbians will not inherit any business from the big mega corporations, companies, celebrities, performers, associations and many other groups. When they feel the big financial pinch, that may well be the wake-up call they need to experience. If not, then lose all of those Billions Of Dollars, you states that discriminate, because you don't deserve them. Texas and Other Such States, Are You Listening!


NCAA Signals It Will Continue Pro-LGBTQ Stance - Towleroad
by Luis Damian Veron

"The National Collegiate Athletic Association responded this week to a letter from the Human Rights Campaign, pro-LGBTQ sports group Athlete Ally, and over 80 national, state and local LGBTQ organizations by recommitting itself to a policy of holding its premier events only at sites providing inclusive, nondiscriminatory policies with respect to the LGBTQ community."
“The NCAA has made it clear they won’t abide by discrimination against their athletes, fans or employees,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “With anti-LGBTQ bills advancing in dozens of states, lawmakers from North Carolina to Texas to South Dakota will know that discrimination has consequences. We are proud to have an ally like NCAA President Mark Emmert, who is doing what’s right to help ensure LGBTQ people and their families are protected.”
“President Emmert has made it clear that NCAA championships and events will not be awarded to places that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity,” said Hudson Taylor, founder and executive director of Athlete Ally. “By committing to provide an environment that is free from discrimination for their LGBTQ attendees and participants, the NCAA is positively impacting every city and state seeking to host a championship or event. We commend the NCAA for continuing to ensure that discrimination has no place in sports or under the law.”
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