New Media Soundly Defeats Left-Wing Media’s Political Witch Hunt

Jul 2011
For nearly 20 years now I’ve been a conservative, which means that for nearly 20 years I’ve watched the hopelessly corrupt mainstream media do their dishonest dirty work on behalf of their allies on the left. And I would love to say that what happened over the weekend surprised me, but as soon as I learned of the tragic shootings, I knew exactly what was coming because we’ve seen it all before. Those of you old enough to remember the assassination of President Kennedy also remember the media blaming a murder committed by an openly Marxist Castro supporter on right-wing anger. I, of course, remember a mercenary President Clinton attempting to use the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing to silence his own political enemies. And it’s worth remembering that these witch hunts were all successfully accomplished with the help of a complicit media that was then able to drown out reason and truth with their monopoly on the narrative.

This is simply what leftists and their left-wing media allies do, and now in the age of cable and the Internet, the broadcast networks and print publications have been joined by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, Politico, Mediaite, Media Matters, and Andrew Sullivan. In other words, the medium and names may change but the character assassins, partisans, liars, and propagandists doing everything in their power to bring down the right — including wearing a laughably transparent disguise marked “objective” – will always be with us.

The media’s shameless political witch hunt we saw over the weekend was obviously counter-intuitive behavior to anyone at all interested in not looking like the worst kind of political opportunist. But frustration makes you stupid and the left is frustrated, especially those in the media, because they are losing. And other than embarrassing ratings and cratering circulation numbers, nothing points to their diminishing power more than Sarah Palin’s ascendancy as a bona fide political force in this country. Whether or not the former Alaskan Governor becomes president isn’t an issue. She’s already changed the face of electoral politics and even managed to gain a serious foothold on the beach of popular culture while doing so.

I strongly urge you to read more at: New Media Soundly Defeats Left-Wing Media’s Political Witch Hunt - Big Journalism
The left-wing media has suffered a black eye of their own making. They've received their just rewards.

But, remember...bruises fade...people forget...and the left-wing media will inevitably punch themselves in the eye again.
Oct 2010
He's a Fox writer, nuff said about him.

OH, and I remember the Bush Admin using 9-11 to silence his political enemies and further their agenda..