New "mega mosque" in Crimea

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Gonna be able to hold 5,000 during services.

Video from days ago, November 28th

That's Graham Philips, this guy: What drives folks like this???

He was there last year too, as he mentions, showed the construction work, talked to some of the workers

This project was announced back in 2015, and Turkey is apparently involved in it: Turkey to build Crimea’s largest mosque - World News

Hilarious, really, the Turks officially follow NATO's line of not recognizing Russia's taking of Crimea: Turkey will not recognize annexation of Crimea: Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu - Turkey News

This, however, does not stop Turks from cooperating with Russia to pursue commercial opportunities there: Turkish business offers Crimea hotel construction projects - YIEF

;) And you wonder why my Armenian mother always said the Turks are two-faced lying bastards :D

Anyway, another recent video, from above, via drone:

Back on November 20th, a delegation of imams and Crimean Tatar community leaders visiting and inspecting the new mosque

Haji Emerali Ablaev, the head Mufti of Crimea (pictured below with Russia-installed Governor of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov at a Tatar holiday event this year)

While he himself used to be among the leaders of the pro-Ukraine Tatar Mejlis organization (now banned by the new Russian authorities), he, wisely IMHO, chose, after 2014, to accept Russian rule and cooperate with Aksyonov and the Moscow government. The other Mejlis leaders, exiled in Kiev, call him a traitor and collaborator over this; but it has ensured that, as a whole, as a people, the Tatars remain more or less safe in Crimea, left alone, aside from those who are members of extremist groups or try to openly challenge Russia...

Here, with Russian clergy, including (green turban) Supreme Mufti Talgat Tadjuddin, head of the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Russia (of which Ablaev's Spiritual Directorate of Crimea has now become part) and basically considered the spiritual leader of all Russian Muslims; and, in center, in civilian suit, Ruslan Baalbek, a Crimean Tatar pro-Russian activist who was jailed in Ukraine in 2011 for separatism and such but is now a senator under Russian rule lol

It is thanks to Ablaev that this mosque is being built. He has long advocated for it

Not the only new mosque he's opened in Crimea, since the Russian takeover, either

Before 2014, FYI, they barely built ANY new ones. No money.

Now, they get money from the aforementioned Russian Muslim leadership in Moscow, and from Turkey too (wherever they hell they were before 2014 lol)

Reason I post about this is, when you read about Crimea in your media, they may talk a lot about the alleged mistreatment of the Tatars by Russia, some even pretty much compare it to China and Xinjiang or whatever. That's bs. Nobody is persecuting the Tatar nation there. Nobody is mass arresting them and putting them in camps. Let alone killing them. Only ones who have been rounded up are members of Hib-ut-Tahrir, a jihadist, terrorist group, essentially; and members of political radical groups openly hostile to Russia.

Yes, they shut down the original Tatar TV channel, ATR; but set up a pro-Russian one in its place

And, again, they also banned the Mejlis, which used to serve as a kind of representative assembly and self-government body for the Tatars, before 2014; but, in turn, plenty of Tatars, like aforementioned Baalbek, were appointed to actual political offices in the new Crimean regional government and even, in Baalbek's case, in Moscow.

Point is, Ukraine uses propaganda and fake news as much as Russia, on this issue, just see this: 'Something has to change with Russia and Ukraine – not everything you’ve heard about the Sea of Azov incident is true'

Just... Take all info from there with grain of salt. That's all I'm saying.

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