New shutdown threat as US budget talks stall

Nov 2010
More lies. A GOP would not have all Obama and Clinton, lawyers. There are no GOP lawyers on Mueller's team
So, now Mueller and Rosenstein are Democrats? :lol: Why do you always make claims that are easily disproved?

And even IF they were; they’re professionals; they follow the law.

Go grab some tissues, son.
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Nov 2018
The Democrats want to shut down the government --- again.

The Nancy and Chucky Show is not funny, and in fact, these clowns are the big reason why there is no budget deal.

Yes, yes, we know what Trump said in the Oval Office, but we also know that he stayed in D.C. to get a budge deal the first time, while the Democrats decided to go on vacation.

Trump's approval rating is now at 52% and the Democrats think they can bring his ratings down with another shutdown.

I think they are just showing the nation how pathetic they are and out of step with most Americans.
Oct 2011
Washington State
Republicans are the idiots that hate this country. Neener. Neener. Nanny. Nanny Boo boo.
That reminds me. One commonality that Trump voters have is that they watch Duck Dynasty and Honey Boo Boo. Then we wonder where their ignorance comes from.

You can't make this shit up. Someone please tell me this country isn't that stupid and that Trump will never win again.
Oct 2014
Why don't you ask a real drug dealer how he gets his shit into the US.

Analysis: 'El Chapo' trial shows why wall won't stop drugs from crossing US-Mexico border

Analysis: 'El Chapo' trial shows why wall won't stop drugs from crossing US-Mexico border

It doesn't matter, build a wall they'll bring ladders and dig tunnels. What we need is better security at our Ports of Entry. For a party that claims you support law enforcement you seem to know very little about the facts.

The only law enforcement you seem to care about is ICE. For some reason you hate the FBI. :think:
The trick for ladder is 25ft. At that height any person climbing over would definitively break something on the ground.

A walled area requires far fewer patrols, and nobody said it would stop all drugs.

Do you know how many times FBI/CIA have been caught smuggling drugs in?