New study refutes climate change

Oct 2014
Really? You didn't seem to have much interesting in discussing this data, even though I thought you might have a special interest in it, given the geographic proximity:

Yukon warmest it has been in 13,600 years

"We're seeing the evidence right now that climate warming is destabilizing permafrost in northern Canada and releasing greenhouse gases," he says "This is potentially the new normal and, if it accelerates in the near future, it threatens to further amplify global climate change."

That's another one of those positive feedback loops, you know, that is threatening to AMPLIFY global warming...…and that you tell us is IMPOSSIBLE......
That was at least partly in the sense that you framed it like this was in my back yard.

It's really just a data point. It's not even a particularly astonishing claim, essentially that this is the warmest temperatures the region has seen since the end of the last ice age.

This just boils down to the package deal, where you look at temperature change and change in co2, then add the package that these are tied, then add to the package that this will cause negative outcomes.