"New Year Story"

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Jul 2011

This is a TV ad clip that just recently came out in Russia, sponsored by a major national bank. It aims to promote family values.

Let me summarise. We meet a little girl, named Alisa, in Moscow. She is being raised by her mother, alone. Mom is a successful businesswoman, wealthy person, the girl is clearly well provided for, they live in an opulent big apartment, Alisa has all the best toys a child like her could ever want, but... Her mom, busy with her career, pays little attention and care to her.

Frustrated, Alisa writes a letter to Ded Moroz, Russian Santa, on New Year holidays, asking him to bring her mom back to her as a present...

And then, Ded Moroz, who, as it turns out, is no jolly old wizard, but a conniving psychopath lol somehow replaces mom's personal driver (Did he just magically sent the guy away somewhere, like to the North Pole; or did he simply slit his fucking throat and throw the corpse in the trunk? We never find out for sure... And, this being Russia, could have gone either way ;)) and kidnaps her, and then drags her around the country, through the Ural Mountains, and the forests and rivers of Siberia, until, I guess, she repents, when he shows her the letter her daughter wrote to him, asking for her motherly love back. At which point the girl seems to appear out of nowhere, and mom picks her up on her back and they are happy together, forever after :D "This holiday season, think of the really important things in life!" goes the slogan at the end.

Its causing quite a furor, this clip.

First of all, many parents overall are upset about Ded Moroz being portrayed as a crazy guy who kidnaps people (and possibly murders too, the poor driver, again).

And many women, especially, single moms, grumble that this is typical of the constant shaming and scorn directed at working women raising children alone in Russia (and which single DADS rarely have to deal with, btw, a nasty, sexist double standard). Not to mention glamorizing kidnapping and violence against women, in a country where every hour a woman is killed as a result of domestic abuse (no joke, actual statistic...)

I don't know... Definitely not something that would get aired over here lmao Just a very different society, over there...
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Aug 2006
Definitely odd and I'm so sorry for the people who had their feelings hurt by the tv
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