New York Governor Andrew Cuomo advocates for a federal ‘mental health database’

Mar 2019
On a drive-by

So many terrible ideas, so little time. But let’s focus on #2 for today, shall we?

A “mental health database" you say

What mental illnesses would qualify for inclusion?
Would anxiety?
Which agencies would maintain the database?
Which would have access?
How else would the database be used?
Could someone have their name removed after treatment?
Who would decide who's included on the list?
Could those in the database appeal their inclusion?
Would they even be informed?
How would the government find them?
Would therapists/doctors be made to report their patients?

There are improvements to be made in the area of gun reform, but I'm very skeptical about the use of a mental-health database at a federal level.
Creating a database would have been a quagmire 30 years ago. It is now an impossibility, given the levels of diagnosis and self-diagnosis.
Jul 2011
He's such an idiot like many here who focus on 1% of the problem.... Perhaps he should concentrate on albany, buffalo, and niagra falls.
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