New York Times gives Ilhan Omar a platform to project her hate for President Trump


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Feb 2010
Where'm I At, Doe?
Not really. Maybe you need to look at your own motives for doing that.
they're married, they engaged in a lot of projects together--really, their marriage has seemed more like a professional partnership than a real romantic coupling all along--and i'm not sure i've ever seen them disagree on a matter of policy. i remember her health care reform efforts early in her husband's presidency, and how unconventional that seemed at the time.

i mean this whole effort to try and convince us that married couples have nothing to do with one another, and it's sexist to think otherwise, is why a lot of people on the left as well as the right have trouble taking mainstream corporate democrats seriously. it comes across as politically motivated, not as coming out of a genuine concern for women's rights.