New Yorkers protest de Blasio with fake dollar bills at Iowa State Fair

Mar 2019
DES MOINES, IOWA — Mayor de Blasio continues to stand out among the presidential candidates – wherever he goes, he usually attracts more protesters than supporters.
A group of protesters blanketed the Iowa State Fair with thousands of dollar “Bills” — fake currency shaming Hizzoner for blowing taxpayer cash on his presidential run — ahead of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Sunday tour of the iconic farm fest.
“In Bill we trusted, in Iowa he fails New Yorkers,” the faux banknotes read. They feature de Blasio’s mug in place of George Washington’s, and scorch him for scoring “0% in the presidential polls.”
He’s technically at 0.3 percent, according to Real Clear Politics.
“I said to myself this guy’s wasting millions of dollars in taxpayer money to run for president when … nobody supports him, and I’m thinking to myself what a waste,” Mike Fischer, a New Yorker organizing the Iowa State Fair effort, told The Post. “So we may as well print up dollar bills and hand it around and maybe he’ll get it.”

De Blasio, the man with all the answers but no solutions.