NFL Regular Season Week One 2019

Jan 2016
The NFL regular season begins Thursday night with Green Bay at Chicago, a fitting choice to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the NFL. Once again, I invite posters to try their hands at the kind of football pool I was running here for at least a while last year. There are 16 games from Thursday through Monday night-----ALL teams play for the first few weeks-----and you pick the winner in each game. To each game, you assign a number from 1 through 16, with your '1' game being your LEAST confident pick, and your '16' game being your MOST confident pick. Please understand that this has NOTHING to do with 'point spreads'. No two games can have the same number, and each of the numbers from 1 through 16 must be used exactly once.

Having dispensed with the preliminaries, here are my picks for Week One of the 2019 Regular Season! Are you ready for some FOOTBALL? An asterisk by the name of the team I have picked to win means I am picking a ROAD team in that game. You don't have to do that, I do it just for fun.

Green Bay at Chicago: Chicago, 5

Buffalo at NY Jets: *Buffalo, 1
Washington at Philadelphia: Philadelphia, 6
Baltimore at Miami: *Baltimore, 14
Tennessee at Cleveland: Cleveland, 9
Kansas City at Jacksonville: *Kansas City, 12
Atlanta at Minnesota: Minnesota, 15
LA Rams at Carolina: *LA Rams, 7

NY Giants at Dallas: Dallas, 8
Indianapolis at LA Chargers: LA Chargers, 11
San Francisco at Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay, 4
Detroit at Arizona: Arizona, 3
Cincinnati at Seattle: Seattle, 16

Pittsburgh at New England: New England, 10

Houston at New Orleans: New Orleans, 13

Denver at Oakland: *Denver, 2

In other words, my most confident pick is Seattle over Cincinnati-----because I simply cannot imagine Cincinnati going on the road and being able to beat Seattle. My LEAST confident pick was picking Buffalo to win on the road at the NY Jets. Pure hunch on that one, I really have no idea who will win!

After all the games are over, we add up everyone's point total, and naturally, the highest point total wins. What do they win? Nothing other than bragging rights here on PH!

Regular season is just three days away! You MUST get your picks in before the game starts on Thursday night, if you want to 'play'!
Jul 2014
Less than 12 hours to go, 8:30 ET on NBC!


Could be a better matchup, but this is good enough.

Feels like Chicago is on the rise and the Packers may be on the decline.

But, a new coach in Green Bay, so who knows...
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Jan 2018
GB @ Chicago.........Bears 5

Tn. @ Clev..........Browns 4
Balt. @ Miami.....Ravens 9
Atl. @ Minn........Vikes 10
Buff. @ NYJ........Jets 3
Wash. @ Philly....Eagles 11
LAR @ Car.........Rams 8
K.C @ Jax..........Chiefs 14
Indy @ LAC......Chargers 13
Cin. @ Seattle...Hawks 16
NYG @ Dallas....Cowboys 15
Det. @ Ariz........Lions 1
SF @ TB...........Bucs 12
Hou. @ N.O.....Saints 7
Pitt. @ N.E......Pats 6

Den. @ Oak.......Raiders 2


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Jan 2008
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Ok... I'll give it the old middle school try...

Green Bay at Chicago: Chicago 4
Buffalo at NY Jets: NYJ 11
Washington at Philadelphia: Philly 12
Baltimore at Miami: Baltimore 16
Tennessee at Cleveland: Cleveland 5
Kansas City at Jacksonville: Kansas City 14
Atlanta at Minnesota: Atlanta 10
LA Rams at Carolina: Rams 9
NY Giants at Dallas: Dallas 8
Indianapolis at LA Chargers: LA Chargers 3
San Francisco at Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay 15
Detroit at Arizona: Detroit 13
Cincinnati at Seattle: Seattle 7
Pittsburgh at New England: New England 6
Houston at New Orleans: New Orleans 1
Denver at Oakland: Oakland 2
Jul 2014
...and the Bears may have a good kicker this year.

Never heard such an ovation for a routine 38 yard first quarter FG in the first game of the year.

It was perfect.

They love their kicker in Chicago, until he puts the ball out of bounds on the kickoff.

The saga continues...
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