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Jul 2011
Posted up on Russian internet lately

Somewhere off Sardinia, reportedly.

The white yacht belongs to Alisher Usmanov, Russian oligarch worth around $12 billion

The blue yacht belongs to Andrey Skoch

Duma member (United Russia, obviously); "businessman", also a billionaire worth an estimated $4.6 billion as of this year.

Skoch since the 90s has been tied to the Solntsevskaya Bratva, one of the most powerful Slavic mafia factions in Russia, they have no less than 5,000 "soldiers" on the streets in Moscow area

Below, a much younger Skoch at right in bottom row

Guy in the middle is Sergey Mikhailov, aka "Mikhas", the leader of the Solntsevo group. He remains a very, very powerful figure in the criminal world to this day. And very, very wealthy too, enough that he can pay hot and famous women, like actress Katya Arkharova, to pursue relations with them


Oh, and he also has an official Presidential Watch awarded by Putin

for "outstanding philanthropic work", no joke lmao

It has long been reported that Skoch is basically the treasurer of the Solntsevo mob, and much of his fortune is actually THEIR dirty money, from the drugs, guns, prostitution, underground casinos, etc, which he keeps, manages, invests, and launders for them.

In turn, he enjoys a nice life.

His wife Elena always walks around covered in expensive furs and diamonds

There's the yacht too, and they have a jet. Skoch also has like ten kids from several wives, all well provided for. And then, there are all his more or less legit businesses, mainly in metallurgy, I believe, in most of which he has partnered with Usmanov for many years now. The management of all those companies never have to worry about "raids" and "nightmaring", and other intimidation and extortion tactics used by organized crime and crooked officials over there to make businesses pay "protection" tax. Everyone knows that Skoch is behind these firms. And Solntsevo is behind Skoch. And nobody is gonna fuck with Solntsevo...

Must be nice, for them...

Overall though, look at those yachts... While they want to keep people working longer to save money on pensions! And most pensioners already living off like $200 a month...

Putin's "Superpower", right there...
Jul 2011

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