Nine die in US helicopter attack inside Syria: report



I would like to respond to Bourne's post from the other closed thread.

Bourne said:
Syria has been warned about controlling their borders and they've chosen to ignore the warnings. They should have learned a valuable lesson from our pursuit of terrorists in Pakistan.
I find it ironic that you're criticizing Syria for not monitoring its borders when considering the fact that your country cannot even secure its own borders. If your country cannot control the flow of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers into the U.S., how can you expect the Syrian government control its borders from terrorists going to Iraq? Especially considering these terrorists are trained and armed, and therefore much more difficult to control than illegal immigrants. With that said, you can't claim the moral high ground in lecturing Syria on policing its borders while at the same time turning a blind eye to your country's border issues.


Your link states it's expired. The article isn't there. From Syrian News sources it looks like they landed, got out, and killed some construction workers/others, got back in the copter and left. I'm not sure what is going on here but I'm seeing more and more stories on this.