NJ voters and Chris Christie

Jun 2011
Here is yet another poll of NJ voters saying that Christie should not run:

That is a whalloping -30 margin, in Christie's home state of NJ.

Here is the link to the poll
, with some internals as well.

Under the "Is Chris Christie qualified to be President?" question (41 yes / 41 no / 18 undecided),
check out the internals by gender and age, considering the respondent mix by Christie 2009 vote.
Surely, were he to run, these numbers would probably shoot up pretty fast - that is not unusual, but the internals are fascinating. Go take a look at them.

Rev. Hellh0und

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Jul 2011
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Given his 54% approval rating, one can conclude from this poll, we want christie as our governor, selfishly. lol


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Jan 2008
Most Insidious
Yeah, that's a poll that'll probably be misread by some. It's a positive statement about the man.