No Amnesty For Trumpers

I deserve to be mocked because...

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Jan 2008
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@Davocrat is a better man than me.

I understand the buyer's remorse you're suffering from after supporting a reality television star's White House bid only to realize your guy ended up being the most corrupt, divisive, impotent, feckless, uneducated, anti-law-enforcement president in the history of this great country. I get it. It's embarrassing.

If I was a more forgiving person, and that's on me, I'd welcome you in with a hot cocoa, a box of tissue, and a pair of Depends undergarments.

No, I'm not here to grant amnesty. Yes, my door is always open for you too. But it's so you can be on the receiving end of the ridicule that even you know you deserve. You know it's the right thing. Think of it as penance for bad acts.

So, when you need a place to go because you're ready to admit you're party-over-country, I'm here. You've made a big deal in the past that presidents should be moral leaders? I'm here to mock your hypocrisy. Let's say you propped yourself up as a member of the fraudulent Tea Party and pretended things like balanced budgets and sound fiscal policy were important but you've now been exposed. I'm here to ridicule your lack of principles.

I'm not doing this for me. I'm doing it for you. Call it Tough Love.


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Nov 2009
I couldn't decide. They all looked good to me. But there should be something about fake news / media being the enemy of the people.
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