No amount of Alcohol is good

Feb 2010
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It's all about degree.There's no level that's entirely safe is all they are saying. All driving is dangerous but drunk driving is much more so. Life is dangerous, but nobody is advising that it's safer to abstain from that, either.

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Jul 2011
I don't know... In my homeland, Abkhazia, the perfect family meal is shashlyk (meat fried on open flame), pie, and homemade wine :D

In Abkhazia and in Georgia, lots of people farm grapes, and make and drink wine their whole existence, since childhood, and live long and happy lives

Dagestanis also grow grapes and love wine, even though they are Muslim lol

And Caucasus, again, enjoys the best longevity and overall health in all of Russia and all of ex-Soviet Union. No joke. It's all about the wine, folks :)

And the clean mountain air too, of course.


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Dec 2006
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Yeah yeah... Come on folks, let's not derail here. I just needed to run a test, and I don't want it to be at the expense of Akosikojak's thread.
lighten up.

just showing the dangers of alcohol and postingo_O
Seriously though, the key is in moderation.
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