No love lost between bitter hillary and trump

Dec 2018
Lincoln Nebraska
Respect for the office, domestically and internationally, died with Donald Trump occupying it.
Respect for the office did not die??.....When Bill Clinton was President???? Gag me with a stick!.....using a young girls vagina for a cigar humidor while in the Oval office?..... Do not fall for the stupid concept that the Press felt this fawning slurpy love for G H Bush when he was in office....They Hated him as much as they hate Trump....
May 2016
no i dont think it is.... just look at that sour face on sore loser hillary.

Like it or not... bill IS and ex president and should be shown the courtesy of that office. You know... just as trump is going to expect it extended to him. Trump should have shook bills hand. But if you notice.... BILL also did not extend a hand of friendship to trump.

my guess bill did not extend his fear of a hillary tantrum when they got home
Bill didn't extend his hand I reckon, because he doesn't grab p*ssies like the current POTUS did.
Feb 2015
Notice the arm around Hillary......that is why she is frowning....thinking.."Jerk!...screwed every ditzy broad on the planet...and he puts his arm around me....sorry bastard...always looking for a photo shot....everything they accused Trump of .....MY husband did! and here he is...looking noble, and smiling like a used car salesman....I would like to grab his hand and break every bone in it.".........I am only guessing of course

Bills arm around hillary? I am not seeing that.