No Social Media: 1 Year

Sep 2014
South FL
This is not a challenge this is a discussion of a challenge.

Challenge: No social media (that includes Political Hotwure) for one full year.

- No posting on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Forums, SnapChat, etc.
- No reading social media.
- If you get news that includes social media, you source and read the news but skip over any instances of social media that is included.

Do you think you could do it?
I could do it. When I'm in TN, I actually do. When I'm there and want to use the internet I drive nearly 20 miles to a McDonalds that has wifi.
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Council Hall
Sep 2014
Social media has become to entwined with my career to give it up. I have several study groups on Facebook for exam preparation for my ground and online students. I also use it to tutor and to communicate with students and staff members. Linked In has been a great networking tool for me and a way to communicate with professionals from all over the Country. I have received a significant amount of invitations to submit a resume or requests for a interview. I also participate with group discussions on Linked In. As far as Twitter....I would never waste my time reading the drama stupidity that comes from there. It is a political garbage pit IMO. I don't post pictures of myself or family, so Instagram and Snapchat doesn't appeal to me.

If I had to pick to let one would be PH and other political fums. They are solely for fun and a place to refocus and clear my head between grading papers so they don't all read the same. LOL I work more than I play, it seems.