No Terror Attacks Since 9/11.......Bush Deserves Credit!



Clinton Schminton

I remeber the 60's & 70's... there were Islamic terrorists then.... So Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, George H., & Clinton were all failures because they didn't wipe out a concept, I mean TERRORISM. C'mom W... we know you can do it!!! ~Inky


bush's administration reforming and plans of action deserve the credit, not the man himself. his staffing has done more than his decision-making and public appearances.


Bush is definitely responsible for 9/11, because if, supposedly, there were all these facts and warnings out there before he took office, he either ignored them or was not smart enough to know what to do about it. Therefore, he dropped the ball and Bin Laden picked it up.
This is a classic, too: "You're doing a hell of a job, Brownie."
That's pretty funny.


Partisan Crap

Clinton's tax changes fueled the sustained period of growth in this country? Let's be serious please. The Internet fueled the 1990's for this country, and it would have been boomtime no matter who was president or how the taxes were set up.

I don't see why Bush's supporters always respond to his critics with some reference to Clinton. I can't say Bush is an idiot for invading Iraq without some republican party twit standing up to tell me something about Clinton. I'm not talking about Clinton, I'm talking about Bush. The man has made decisions that are either bafflingly stupid or criminally self-serving. Either way, Bush is the worst possible president. He shrugged off the objections of allies who were helping us to sustain worldwide economic growth and invaded Iraq, destroying the good will around the world towards us that followed 911. That one decision was so monumentally stupid that I can't even begin to outline all of the ways it is stupid. And I shouldn't have to. Anyone who can't see that as the worst thing any president has ever done for this country is probably not worth arguing with.

Notice that my criticism doesn't mention Clinton? It says that Bush is either a complete idiot, or he is serving some private interest and cares only about making his buddies rich, even at the expense of thousands of innocent lives. The problem Bush's few remaining supporters have is that there is no way to defend him without putting him into some distorted juxtaposition with Clinton or some other democrat. His decisions will cost us all dearly in the coming decades, in money and power and lives around the world. Make no mistake about it: the only reason no spectacular terrorist attacks have hit America in the last 5 years (for this you want to give the man a medal?) is because they aren't finished planning and preparing for the next one. Besides, 911 is still working its magic, inciting the ignorant religious folks to fundamentalism and creating an atmosphere of confrontation and antagonism, exactly what bin Laden might wish for. Why waste another attack now when you have already severely crippled us by dividing us with fear? Mission accomplished. When we start to recover in another 5-10 years, and we're feeling pretty good about ourselves, then you can expect to see airliners plowing into skyscrapers and packed stadiums.

dark knight

No Terror Attacks Since 9/11.......Bush Deserves Credit!
What about Jordan, the bobmings in spain, or have you forgotten the bombings in London last year. Ever think they may have not attacked us because they were too busy attacking our allies. Do you really think fighting a war millions of miles away bolsters homeland security?


What about Jordan, the bobmings in spain, or have you forgotten the bombings in London last year. Ever think they may have not attacked us because they were too busy attacking our allies. Do you really think fighting a war millions of miles away bolsters homeland security?
Sometimes people can't see outside the box....good call DK.. ~Inky


No terror strikes in America since 9-11. Cheney and Rumsfeld can take credit for that.

Terror strikes in Spain, London, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indoneisa, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan and Bali. Bush can take credit for those too. I'm not arguing against the fact that an administration of fanatic neocons are interested in protecting American lives and property - they do that job very well. It's the fact that they are willing to sacrifice the other 5 billion of us on the planet that kind of pisses people off.

I do wish people would stop blaming or praising Bush for doing things.. The guy is in bed by 9, has a nice breakfast and does some running, plays with his GI Joes and then it's a nice early night. He doesn't watch, read or hear about anything remotely concerned with politics or world events. He does and says what he's told by the people who keep him warm and well fed because he's not bright enough to know any different. If you like or don't like what Rove and Cheney are doing, say so... but poor GW didn't have anything to do with it. Leave him out of it.


LOL! As funny as that sounds, I think you're right. Bush is pretty much an overpayed punching bag. ~Inky


I'm always amazed in this forum that people in the US constantly miss the point because they can only see things from a US point of view. Neither Bush or Clinton brought on 9/11.

The war on terror exists soley because of US foreign policy. Not everyone in the world likes you but you insist on meddling with the affairs of foreign governments, especially if oil is involved. It's happened for most of the last century - you're carrying on a fine tradition started by the British. Look at the mess you've made out of supporting Iran, then Iraq, then Iran again and now Iraq's back in favour.

There are many people that have been oppressed by the policies of the US. Diplomatic efforts by these people rarely make any difference to the policies and the American govt just keeps on plundering. How else can people fight back? Not in a conventional war - they are outgunned.

Now I'm not for a minute condoning terrorism but how much effort have you made to understand why these people hate you so much? Don't for a minute think they are jealous of your lifestyle or wealth. They hate you because, rightly or wrongly, they see American influence in their culture, lifestyle and economy as negatives.

There is a fine line between a terrorist and a patriotic activist. Many heros of the French underground in WW2 employed very similar tactics as terrorists do today - ie low tech weaponry used creatively or surprise attacks on "safe" facilities.

Which President is responsible for 9/11? All of them since Ike.