North Carolina great whites spotted in large numbers.

Mar 2015
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9 great white sharks 'ping' along Carolina coast

9 great white sharks 'ping' along Carolina coast

Updated: November 20, 2019 - 11:46 AM
NORTH CAROLINA — It’s not officially Shark Week, but for trackers along the East Coast, several great white sharks are putting on a show.
Over the last two weeks, scientists with OCEARCH said nine great white sharks have pinged off the Carolina Coast.

Tracking shows sharks appearing off the Outer Banks in North Carolina and as far down as off the coast of Charleston.
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Officials said at least three of the great white sharks are 12 feet long.
  • Caper: 8-feet
  • Shaw: 10-feet
  • Nova: 11-feet
  • Cabot: 9-feet
  • Jefferson: 12-feet
  • Scotia: 11-feet
  • Vimy: 12-feet
  • Teazer: 11-feet
  • Ironbound: 12-feet
Scientists said it's common for great white sharks to migrate south for the winter.
Tracking data shows winter hot spots for sharks are waters off North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and the east coast of Florida.

These sharks are often found near North Carolina's shipwrecks.


"Great whites have pings 1,148 times off the Outer Banks and southeast beaches."

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Mar 2015
Mad Prophet
Ocean temps in 2019 were the warmest on record.. Maybe that has something to do with it.
Probably not. White sharks swim south for the winter. All the way to Florida and even further. They head north for the summer, not to the usual spots (Long Island, Mass) but Canada now.