North Carolina woman confronts man with swastika flag

Mar 2015
Mad Prophet
Not sure if that was intended for me or not. Looks like she had her video "method" in his face and I'll assume she put up (youtube, facebook, et al). So where's the problem? Because she was in his yard?
nnot meant for you at all, rather, her for printing the name and having several other peoplE by that nam3 get death thr3ats.

p3opl3 needs t b m0ar careful ab0ut thadt stuff.


Future Staff
Jan 2008
Most Insidious
Yeah, this isn't exactly true. Or even partially true. Here's an article written by someone who traced this particular claim back to the source. At the bottom of the linked page, you'll find a link to the primary article in which it was claimed that LGBT groups supported NAMBLA and related causes. You can go through the article yourself - it says absolutely nothing of the sort.

Yep, Kallman Lied About LGBT Groups and NAMBLA
I'm shocked that another far right pure believer has been fooled by a myth. Shocked, I tell you.