Notre Dame burning

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
It's shocking that their fire safety preparations were apparently so lax, for such a landmark too, and in France, a major European power...
It seems it was sort of done that way to keep with tradition. Small, narrow bridges that crossed the river. One media outlet was reporting that it takes a bit for the modern large firetrucks to cross. I had wondered if they could use water from boats but I guess its too far away. They said they could have used water drops had they done so quickly, but it spread so fast that would have caused a collapse. It still seems this spread faster than it should have.
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Dec 2015
From Your Heart!
hehe lol.. I'm sorry but that sounds like one of those medieval tourist trinkets sold to the crusaders.
Sorry to learn that you are such a non-believer and skeptic such as to say that. They would not have made up such a story if it did not, in effect, exist. It goes beyond saying that experts have examined the Crown of Thorns for authenticity and age and have found it to be authentic or needless to say it would have been said and brought out a long time ago that it was not real. It obviously is.