Notre Dame burning

May 2013
Boise, ID
If they are smart, they will sell the ashes to help fund the rebuilding.
ASHES as in Syrenn-IOUS? Meh .. worthless.

Metal, art or bricks? PRICELESS

Here's what we did with our hunk of 9/11 here in Boise ...

In the proposal to the Boise City Department of Arts and History for what would become the "World Trade Center Memorial," Jensen Belts Associates and artist Amber Conger described the concept as "Brave souls all ripples in a pond."

The $30,000 public artwork was paid for by the Percent for Art program and the Boise Fire Department and once access to Riverside Park is restored following scheduled Greenbelt maintenance, the public is invited to see the newly completed memorial.

The 9/11 memorial has been in the works for months and was created at the behest of the Boise Fire Department to honor emergency responders who died during rescue efforts at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. The Idaho Fallen Firefighter Foundation and Boise Fire Department spearheaded getting the centerpiece of the memorial: a section of I-beam from the original World Trade Center,

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Just spoke to one of my colleagues from Quebec and she is totally freaked out that this happened during Holy week. She apparently thinks it was malicious or done by God or something. She said she doesnt believe it just happened.
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