Number of Americans without health insurance rises for 1st time in a decade

Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
Millions of Americans lost their Health Insurance under Obamacare.

That was less than 10 years ago.

More fake news from NBC, home of Docugate and the edited George Zimmerman 911 tapes.
Bullshit, the policies that got cancelled were the fly by night bogus policies that didn't actually cover anything. Scam policies so rich Insurance Corporations could fleece the ignorant dupes that bought them. Did you have one of those policies, John? Here again, is the only health care plan ever brought before the public by this administration:
a4b600f308546d49ff97365debe3ff176e6e0dbc.jpg When it comes to healthcare, the Republican party brings zero, nada, nothing, to the table, and everybody knows it, even right wing zealots like you.
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Jun 2014
United States
Well, you've gotten a good taste of how the Trumpsters will react to this news. Fortunately, they comprise a numerical minority within our electorate, and most folks will see this policy failure for what it actually is.
Feb 2011
Boise, ID
Where’s that big, beautiful, inexpensive healthcare that Trump promised?
When the GOP fought to repeal PPACA it was THEIR responsibility to have an alternative plan ready to go. Not a discussion, but an actual bill ready for the Presidents signature.
There isn't a plan compatible with Republican politics that doesn't lead to adverse selection, market chaos, and borderline fraudulent insurance practices inflicted upon unwitting low-information consumers. At least none that has been spelled out so far.

I think ACA's biggest failure was the same as why Medicare For All concepts are failing -- it is political suicide to propose ending employer-sponsored insurance, but ending employer sponsored insurance is the only way to level the playing field as to who pays what for the nation's health coverage. The ACA not only allowed to employer sponsored insurance to continue be the norm, it required it under threat of penalty.

Granted, crafting any type of health insurance reform policy that ends employer-sponsored insurance would be extremely difficult, both legally and politically. But until we figure out how to get away from good health coverage depending on being a full-time W2 employee, there is going to continue to be extreme inequality of health coverage between otherwise similar Americans, which will cause resentment over insurance coverage to fester and fester.
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