NY FED judge fined TRUMP $2mill for illegal use of his now defunct foundation.

Jul 2015
$2 MILL is chump change. It was a 'settlement'. Gee, I wonder if Guiliani negotiated it. Yeah right. The judge also is having the remaining $1.7 mill distributed to various charities. Guess that makes Trump out $3.7MIL today. Poor baby.

Donald Trump fined $2m for misusing charity foundation

New York judge also signed off on agreement to close the Trump Foundation and distribute $1.7m in remaining funds to nonprofit

Associated Press
Thu 7 Nov 2019 14.19

A New York judge has ordered Donald Trump to pay $2m to settle a lawsuit alleging he misused his charitable foundation to further his political and business interests.

Judge Saliann Scarpulla also signed off on an agreement Thursday to close the Trump Foundation and distribute about $1.7m in remaining funds to other nonprofit groups.

A request for comment was emailed to Trump’s lawyer.

New York’s attorney general filed a lawsuit last year alleging Trump and his family illegally operated the foundation as an extension of his businesses and his presidential campaign.

Attorney General Letitia James had been seeking about $2.8m in restitution from the president. Scarpulla cut that amount to $2m.

Foundation lawyers have previously said the lawsuit is politically motivated.
Oct 2019
Barr will now launch an investigation into the Clinton foundation...
And that's why we avoid throwing rocks while living in a glass house.

If the Democrats were all clean choir boys and girls, great, launch everything. Except they are not clean, they play as much dirty politics as they accuse of Republicans.

Point being, before launching an attack, should check around make sure it won't boomerang back on allies.
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