O.K. maybe not the antichrist but how can evangelicals defend a man that is out I the open on the seven deadly sins?

Mar 2012
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He just spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast this morning. Got a standing ovation. Must have mentioned the Supreme Court more than a few times. For many he is just the sinner that puts the "right people" on the courts. I have read many comments by people saying that is all they care about.
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Mar 2012
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Evangelicals would sell their souls to stop abortion, end of discussion.
Its more than just that. Many are followers of the Old Testament and prefer to go back to the Fire and Brimstone days. Its why they tend to be overly favorable to odd things that modern Christians wouldnt.
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Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Yeah, well, they wanna get alla that Darwan ape-man monkee bizness noncents outta are skools, two!!

And no more sexy ejumucayshun, niether!
Friend of mine was telling me about this cult she read about where the people "live as God intended." They basically school themselves and live by the Old Testament. They begin having children as soon as they are biologically capable. Apparently authorities have been aware of this group but they keep moving. I cant even imagine. But as I recall the Branch Davidians were similar.
Apr 2012
I will never understand the mentality of those who live under the rule,anything goes as long as I like it. Morality goes out the window of these cults, but eventually they make their own death by their excesses.

Like a drunk thinking a few drinks make me feel good, then another, and another until it kills them.
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Mar 2007
Perhaps we could have a quote from someone so we are not arguing generalizes. As you can see, there are opinions out there that contradict the OP.

Evangelical Leaders Say Christians Who Support Trump Face An Ethical Challenge

Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners. He recently posted a piece in The Washington Post where he argued that, quote, "American Christians have not really reckoned with the climate President Trump has created in our country and the spiritual obligation we have to repair it. As a result, the soul of our nation and the integrity of the Christian faith are at risk,"
Faith leaders denounce Trump proclamation denying asylum outside border crossings - Religion News Service

Last week, the Evangelical Immigration Table also published a letter encouraging churches to “respond with Christ-like love to the vulnerable families and individuals who form this caravan
The evangelical Christian group includes World Relief, another faith-based refugee resettlement agency; the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities; the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention; Korean Churches for Community Development/Faith and Community Empowerment; the National Association of Evangelicals; and the Wesleyan Church.
Dec 2018

How can evangelicals defend Trump on the basis of their faith?
So you expected them to support Hillary instead? Right? Or do you mean NOW? As opposed to what? Demanding he leave office for being a sinner (which by the book we all are of course)? Or do you mean in the next election? Well? Who is running for the democrats? Will it be someone who supports their views? Or will it be someone who actively opposes their views?

What I don’t understand is how this is all that confusing? Yea. I get it. You don’t like trump. Trump is the devil. Insert random mass hysteria based comments. But if that is such a big deal? Who do you expect them to vote for when it comes time to vote between a democrat and republican? 3rd party? Ok.

The crying about trump years after his election and how could they defend? Well. Ask yourself what the alternative is? Personally? I don’t care if he drops dead. But I’m aware enough of democrats to know that the same mass hysteria and tear soaked rage would occur with whoever else is on the republican side. Hell. We could run Hillary and it wouldn’t matter.