O.K. maybe not the antichrist but how can evangelicals defend a man that is out I the open on the seven deadly sins?

Dec 2018
They propped him up for election.
It wasn't like they are stuck with the idiot.

How Evangelicals Helped Trump Win
That doesn’t really answer my question. Who, other than trump, was going to represent their views? Who who had a realistic chance of winning? Certainly not Hillary. Abortion is a BIG deal with Christians on the right. That really shouldn’t be shocking. Then you have issues on gay marriage, but also the whole gay cake issue.

The left doesn’t represent their views. Even though the left DOES have people that oppose said world views (especially in the African American community). And no. They aren’t “stuck” with him. But they don’t have anyone else even close to representing their views.

How is that a surprise?


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Mar 2007
Because none of that is true. More then two years and Liberals still can’t believe Trump won.
They will end no whine till the end of time.

Once the Mueller report is final and the whole thing fizzles and crashes because the public is sick of these endless attempts at propaganda, they will still whine and whine because they don't really have a rational argument for anything. The idea of stealing someone else's morality and trying to use it is pure Machiavellian manipulation.

Who are they kidding?

Guess who the new band of self righteous jerks trying to shove their self delusional "we're not deplorable" nonsense down our throats is? The progressives.
Here's a Bible verse for y'all.

all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by his grace as a gift
All fall short. Every one of us. So if an Evangelical chooses Trump because he fights back against a corrupt press corps or because he is committed to conservative supreme court justices, they don't need to be justified in your eyes. They don't need to prove that their vote is not deplorable. They can vote their conscience because that is their right.

Screw Group Think. You vote in private for a reason.
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Mar 2010
silly facebook memes are lame,. what context do you have for the claims in the pictures?
Sorry it takes just a simple unbiased brain to realize all those points are true, and you don't even have to believe someone else's words. You can hear him say it on tape, how he lives his live, and where his priorities are.

But alas you are biased and brainless apparently.