OAN network files $10M defamation lawsuit against MSNBC and Rachel Maddow

Nov 2018
The Fox audience knows less even than folks who don’t watch any news at all.
Fox News viewers worst-informed, study finds

I agree with FOX in it's response to the poll. If their poll taking is anything like their academic performance, then it's not a good indication there is anything to believe about their poll.

"Considering FDU's undergraduate school is ranked as one of the worst in the country," a Fox News spokesman said, "we suggest the school invest in improving its weak academic program instead of spending money on frivolous polling – their student body does not deserve to be so ill-informed."
Jul 2016
Maybe, OAN should sue the Daily Beast, too, but Maddow made these unfounded accusations on air.

And, unless you have proof that Rouz was writing for Sputnik, then by all means let's see it?

He admitted it.

“The lawsuit includes a statement from Kristian Rouz that said he wrote some 1,300 articles over the past 4 ½ years for Sputnik but “’I have never written propaganda, disinformation, or unverified information.’”
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Jul 2016
Even the Washington Examiner came back a couple of hours later and said the suit was bullshit.

OAN's wacko lawsuit against Rachel Maddow

OAN is wrong for reasons of both fact and law.

For a start, OAN and Sputnik, a western-focused Kremlin propaganda outlet, do (or recently did) share the same employee, Kristian Rouz. That alone protects MSNBC from the "actual malice" legal standard that OAN must prove in court. Namely, that MSNBC knew their claims were false, or entertained serious doubts to the claims. But that's not all.

After all, as I've explained, OAN's coverage does not simply align with Russian propaganda through Rouz. The network's reporting from Syria, for example, has at times reflected near-textbook Russian government disinformation (what the Russians regard as their special art form of "dezinformatsiya," or disinformation). More tragic, OAN's Syria coverage has supported Russian efforts to conceal deliberate chemical weapons attacks on civilian population centers. These reporting connection points, even if not coordinated, are sufficient to provide MSNBC with an almost indestructible defense to OAN's claims.

In short, OAN has a very weak case.

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Nov 2010
So, a political hack writer who has, by his or her own admission, written 1,300 articles for Russian media, is suing Maddow for citing an article written by another news outlet that states what the OAN writer already confirmed.

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