Obama crafts legal rationale for immigration steps

Apr 2012
The New America
conservative policies are what makes this nation a shithole. Not the workers or children or parents, policies that degrade the living standard.
What's fucking sick about people like you is that you depend on government to determine how you live... Drone...
Apr 2012
This is the part where I have to repeat myself multiple times before you finally address what I'm actually saying. Your OP is not in the past-tense, it's in the future-tense. You're anticipating Obama will lie based on your perception that he's lied in the past. The operative word being "perception". Because, just because you say something is a lie, doesn't mean that it is. Furthermore, crafting a legal argument is not lying. It may well be that what ever that argument turns out to be can be challenged on a legal basis. But, even then, it doesn't mean Obama lied. Not unless you're saying that there should be a rebuttal presumption, before the fact, that everyone that crafts a legal argument is going to lie.
You don't get it. Obama will continue what he has been doing for years he will blame others for his lack of leadership and his incompetence. The reason we get no immigration bill is because Obama refuses to enforce immigration laws and he also refuses to protect our border
Apr 2012
Because that bill proposed to end DACA. And most people support DACA. We already spend 18 billion a year on immigration enforcement agencies, more than other law agencies combined. Border Patrol alone employs over 21,000 people. The U.S. has already purchased 10 border drones, which cost $18 million a piece and roughly $3,000 an hour to operate. The US border with Mexico is about 2,000 miles, about half of those miles are the Rio Grande River. People caught crossing from Mexico are usually deported immediately.

So I don't really know what people want when they say they want more border security. Or what that means. I think it's just a catch all phrase to imply that Obama isn't doing enough even though deportations are way under during his administration.

The GOP should work on passing immigration reform instead of wasting everyone's time with the half-assed immigration bills that they know will never pass.
All BS. The border is still open and the border is where the threat is as 911 approaches

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