Obama (who doesn't do phot0 ops) will veto defense bill as a photo op

Apr 2011
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Obama (who doesn't do photo ops) will veto defense bill as a photo op

President Obama is today expected to veto a defense bill he doesn’t like:
President Obama will issue a rare veto of a defense policy bill Thursday in a showdown with Congress over broader spending levels, the White House said.
The veto of the National Defense Authorization Act is an extraordinary use of one of the president’s most powerful executive tools. While the White House had problems with some of the bill’s provisions, Obama’s main objection is that the bill uses a budget gimmick to increase defense spending without increasing domestic spending first. The president wants Congress to lift the automatic budget caps known as sequestration included in a 2011 budget agreement.
Obama will not only veto the bill, but reportedly he’ll do it very publicly:

The White House has scheduled the veto for 3:45 p.m. and — in another unusual step — has invited reporters and photographers to witness his signing of the veto message.

Obama to veto defense bill in high-stakes showdown over spending

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Albert, no one said he doesnt do photo ops. The dumb one was the one who didnt realize that tidbit BEFORE he lifted it...he had to be told it by another poster. Thennnnnn the dumb one said it was a photo op somewhere else.

Bless yer heart. I really, for reals hope your cereal stays CRUNCHy for, like, ever....like 158 days!