Obama's border chief warns Congress: Immigration crisis ‘at a magnitude never seen in modern times’

Dec 2014
The Milky Way
Most Dims don't care, in fact they are encouraging this in various ways. The left, and the Democratic Party, hate America.

Obama-era Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan sounded the alarm Thursday on the crisis at the southern border, testifying before Congress that the crisis is “at a magnitude never seen in modern times” and urging lawmakers to act to stop what he described as a virtual “open border policy.”

“We’re experiencing a crisis at the southern border at a magnitude never seen in modern times, it’s unprecedented,” Morgan, who served as the head of U.S. Border Patrol during the Obama administration, told the Senate Homeland Security Committee.


Morgan told lawmakers that the difficulties the country faces at the border now are significantly worse than when he was seeking to keep numbers under control in the last administration. In particular, he pointed to the number of agents being diverted away from security to humanitarian activities.

“In 2016, as chief I estimated that 15 percent of agents' resources were being diverted from frontlines to support humanitarian activities. I saw that as a crisis and so did everyone else,” he said. "Now Border Patrol is diverting 40 percent of personnel away from frontlines to humanitarian-related functions, meanwhile cartels are exploiting the resultant resource gaps.”

Like Trump, who has blamed U.S. immigration laws in part for the crisis, Morgan said that “loopholes in our asylum laws and nonsensical judicial precedent has driven what has devolved into essentially an open border policy for a certain demographic.” He added that families coming to the border know that if they step foot on U.S. soil they can say they have "credible fear" of returning home and they'll be allowed into the U.S.


Obama's border chief warns Congress: Immigration crisis ‘at a magnitude never seen in modern times’
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Didn't you hear that these guys were corrupted by Russia though?

We really need to go after Trump for allowing Obama's inner sanctum to be corrupted like this.

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