Ocasio-Cortez may have opened door to Trump's taxes

Jun 2014
United States
I'm not a fan of AOC in general, but I did admire her performance in that hearing. She was a very effective interrogator.
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Nov 2015
So why are people pressing to see Trump's tax returns? Are you expecting to do some kind of prosecution because of what's in them, if so, specifically what -

5 Things You Need to Know About Donald Trump's Tax Returns

If and when they’re released, Trump’s returns would provide at least two crucial pieces of information:

  • First, how much money does he donate to charity? Charitable giving is traditionally considered a great point of pride—and a civic responsibility—by presidential candidates. The perception that Trump is uniquely ungenerous could unsettle voters.
  • Second, we’d learn how big a check, if any, Trump writes each year to the U.S. Treasury. Most voters don’t expect to receive protection from the military for free, or demand that others to pay for the Department of Education, Medicare transfers to the states, and all other federally-funded programs. If Trump pays little or no tax, the tens of millions who pay income taxes are effectively paying his way
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