October 10, 2018: Bad Day In The Markets

Jan 2016
It kinda seems logical pay - down debt when you have money. Instead:
Rates are also going up because the US government is selling more Treasuries to pay for the soaring federal deficit. Washington is borrowing heavily to pay for the corporate tax cut and a surge of government spending.

Quite naturally, people who are thinking of lending money to the U.S. government are going to want to charge a higher interest rate when we are becoming less credit-worthy.

We are becoming less credit-worthy.
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Jun 2013
He calls HIMSELF 'the King of Debt'.

Donald Trump: "We'll borrow, and if the economy crashes, we'll make a deal."

Make a deal with whom? All the "friends" he's been making?

Who on earth would still trust Trump, for ANYTHING?

Who has facilitated banks doing what they previously did, with regard to extending credit, without regulation, to the point of their failure and bailouts by the government and those that did NOT profit big time from the use of OTHER people's money!

Trump kills class-action rule against banks, lightening Wall Street regulation | Reuters

Trump Moves to Roll Back Obama-Era Financial Regulations

And to think people thought Hillary Clinton was in bed with the worst of Wall Street?
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Jul 2014
YOUR simple sentence is dead flat WRONG. I am sorry that you don't understand WHY and HOW a deep recession, such as the GREAT Recession, is going to NATURALLY create yawning budget deficits.

This, too, is Economics 101 stuff, and you should take a class in it, someday.
"yawning budget deficits"?

You mean like during the Obama years?

Who had bigger "yawning budget deficits" than him?
Sep 2013
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SOS, different date.

How many times are Americans going to buy into the SOS about tax cuts, deficit spending and removing regulations, so the crooks can get rich quick, then blame their robbery on others, before they get a clue?

What goes up, must come down.

Like many others, I prefer to see slow and steady progress to rapid growth based on hot air that goes POP....ironically, leaving those that advocate and support unstable growth, the most harmed by it, as those they supported are the ones that are the least harmed by it.

Of Deficits and Dysfunction:
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW: 6-8-03; Deficits and Dysfunction
Not much of an economic prognosticator is he.
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But not as many trillions as Obama added.

Not yet.

Not by a long shot...

Obama is the all time champion of adding to the national debt, and it's not even close.
So as soon as the number rises past your mythical idea of "Obama was worse" you going to quit defending Trump based on this non-fact you keep parroting?
Apr 2012
The Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 24824 on January 2 of this year. I just looked at the Dow, and it was down to about 25160. So it's up about 1.4% on the year. And we're in mid-October. A pretty mediocre gain for the year, when we're told that the economy is booming, wouldn't you say?

I have a big sister, a few years older than me, and when we were young, and she heard or saw something that didn't impress her much, she would say "Big Whoop!", or maybe "Whoop De Do!"


Big Whoop! Whoop De Do!!
Big whoop fits!:)

I have watched the market go up and down like a yo yo for 2 years now. One month you gain, the next month sharply down.

Once Obama stabilized the economy you never made less than 5, 6%, at times 9%.
Jul 2014
So as soon as the number rises past your mythical idea of "Obama was worse" you going to quit defending Trump based on this non-fact you keep parroting?
Nope, I'll be slamming BOTH of them.

IF Trump ever adds as much to the debt as Obama.

For now Obama is still the winner and all time champion for having added the most to the national debt.

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