Officially a Suicide as Epstein's Cause of Death


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Dec 2007
Pennsylvania, USA
At a known shit hole prison? And let’s not forget the ex cop that was his cell mate. The cell phone they found in that guy’s possession. I mean? Come on. Let’s be honest that REALLY all that hard to believe? Really? You still haven’t reached elaborate. You have reached “I’ll pay you/bury you” type arrangements in a shitty and corrupt prison (which we know for a fact).

Yes. It does. But so does corruption. :shrug:
At known shit hole prisons, is it realistic to think that staff is overworked, underpaid, and prone to procedural errors? And so what if the former cellmate was in possession of a contraband cellphone? Cellphones are among the most common contraband found in any prison, smuggled in by none other than low-ranking prison staff, who receive payments from the family/friends of the incarcerated. If your story about the cellphone is true, that's probably a good thing, since it would contain a record of calls made/received.
Sep 2007
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I think this is a problem, no video.

Video from outside the New York jail cell of millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is 'too flawed' to be used by investigators, according to officials.

Footage taken from a least one camera outside the financier's jail cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan has been determined to be unusable.

Epstein hanged himself on August 10 in his cell while awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges.

The FBI and the Justice Department's inspector general's office are attempting to determine what happened in the lead up to the 66-year-old's death and whether any prison policies were violated or crimes committed.

Sources have told the Washington Post that surveillance material gathered from the hallway outside his cell can not be used but there is some clearer footage of the area that is available.

It is not yet clear if the problem with the video camera is an isolated issue or an ongoing problem at the facility.
Footage from outside Jeffrey Epstein's Manhattan jail cell 'too flawed' to be used by investigators | Daily Mail Online