Oh good. There’s a NATO meeting in July.

Jun 2006
If you thought the roaring tire fire that was The G7 leaders meeting was good for some entertainment, have I got news for you. Six of the ol crew are gonna hook up again on July 11th in Belgium.

Will there be violent handshakes? Maybe. Will there be German tears? Likely. Will the Dutch ha e funny accents? Most assuredly. Will there be righteous anger that a spending commitment clearly set for 2022 is not already being met in 2018? Oh HELL yes!

I know for team Canada we’ll do much better now that we know there are TVs on Trumps plane.

They have TVs on any economy class flight, and have had for years, but darn it it never occurred to us there’s be a TV on that plane. Or that ... things can now be watched later. Not only live.

We genuinely thought it was 1983.

We wont make that mistake again.


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Jun 2007

"I see no problem with Russia joining NATO, I think it's a brilliant idea. I have the best ideas because I have the best brain."
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