OH school officals horrifed after 1ST grader got hold of a GUN kept by a trained 'conceal carry' school employee

Jul 2015
Oh well, shit happens, right?

Officials horrified after first graders gets hold of gun meant to protect school against mass shootings

Published 1 min ago on
August 16, 2019
By Sky Palma

Officials at an Ohio elementary school were shocked to learn that a gun stored on campus was found by two first-grade students who picked it up and removed it from its case, The Columbus Dispatch reports.The incident took place at a district transportation office near Highland Elementary School in South Bloomfield Township in mid-March, but only recently came to light. News of the mishap has reportedly divided the community over arming teachers in schools.

According to reports, transportation director Vicky Nelson, who was trained as part of the district’s concealed carry program and allowed to have a gun on school grounds, left her firearm in an unlocked case as she went to the restroom. Also in the office was her grandson and the daughter of a co-worker, who were both first graders. When she returned from the restroom, she saw that the gun had been taken out of its case and left on the desk.

“I’m assuming that the child picked up the gun from behind the desk and had been holding it,” Superintendent Dan Freund said.

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