Ohio abortion bill

Jan 2015
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But Kasich tried to kill Public Unions.
How so? How would SB5 have "killed" public unions? Numerous states have passed similar types of legislation and unions weren't "killed." The Supreme Court made the biggest provision of SB5 (the "right to work" aspect of it) the law of the land in the public sector across all 50 states, and this hasn't "killed" public unions.

Unions and their supporters in the media and in general have adopted this sort of melodramatic language literally any time unions don't like a proposed rule or policy. We don't like that, so therefore it's "anti-union" "union busting," "union killing," "union murder." Enough of the histrionics. Public sector unions are subject to government's rules, including when unions organize against government employers. Government makes the law by which unions must operate.
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May 2019
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LMAO @ the Sheeple and just how Gullible they are for the Fake News .....

And, moreover the IDIOTS who think Twitter is News ....

Try reading the Bill in context:

Sec. 2904.35. A physician who does all of the following is not subject to criminal prosecution, damages in any civil action, or professional disciplinary action, for a violation of this chapter:

(A) Using reasonable medical judgment, believes it is highly probable that the pregnant woman will die from a certain fatal condition before her unborn child is viable;

(B) Performs a surgery, before the unborn child is viable, for the sole purpose of treating the pregnant woman's fatal condition;

(C) Takes all possible steps to preserve the life of the unborn child, while preserving the life of the woman. Such steps include, if applicable, attempting to reimplant an ectopic pregnancy into the woman's uterus.

Oh the Leftist Sheeple .....

Must really be a scary Alt Left Universe they live in !!!!

It should not surprise any normal thinking person at which lengths these COMMUNIST POS's will go to to preserve their "RIGHT" to murder unborn children.

Including shamless PROPAGANDA!!!

Main Street Americans see these sick Fvcks for who they are !!!!!
And that is exactly what the OP says. I wonder why you can't understand that.
If there is no ectopic pregnancy it is not applicable. If there is, it is.
Re-implanting an ectopic pregnancy into a woman's uterus is not even a medical procedure. It's fucking voodoo.
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