Ohio Pastor Claims Chicago Gangs Want To Work With Trump To Fight*Crime

May 2012
By the wall
So people want Trump to do what Obama couldn't, in Obama's own city even.

I guess when push comes to shove they know who get's things done.

WASHINGTON — At a meeting Wednesday with members of the African-American community, President Donald Trump again talked about Chicago violence, saying if city officials don’t take steps, “we’re going to solve the problem for them,” and suggesting that direct intervention with street-gang leaders might be a good idea.
“Because we’re going to have to do something,” Trump said, “What’s happening in Chicago should not be happening in this country.”

Trump said violence in the city was “totally out of control.”
Trump’s remark came in reply to a comment by Darrell Scott, an Ohio pastor who campaigned for Trump, was on Trump’s transition team and who was one of the clergy who participated in the National Prayer Service Trump attended the day after the Jan. 20 inauguration.
Scott, the Senior Pastor of New Spirit Revival Center Ministries, brought up the subject of crime in Chicago, a matter that Trump has been shining a spotlight on.

Scott said he was talking to members of “top gangs” in Chicago — he did not identify whom — who wanted a “sit down” to discuss how to “get that body count down” in return for “social programs.”
“It’s a great idea,” Trump said about a possible meeting involving gang leaders.
Trump calls concept of a meeting with Chicago gangs 'great idea' | Chicago Sun-Times
Oct 2010
A place not infested with lying partisan hacks
Your op is fake and a lie..unless you are capable of proving that this pastor said "Trump come and do what President Obama couldn't"?

Prove it's not a lie?
May 2012
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Have to ask the Pastor Darrel Scott.

He and Jim Brown are going to Chicago next week to meet with the gangs.
May 2012
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Which gangs?
All the pastor said were the top gangs whoever those might be.

He said they specifically want help from Trump to bypass state and local governments and provide direct jobs and support to their neighborhood because nothing is getting done.

Now given that pretext, if Trump could pull off a CCC or TVA program for inner city youths that would be an enormous benefit to not only the kids and the cities but to his presidency.
Sep 2014
United States
I saw the video of the Pastor from Chicago saying exactly that.

I guess our libnut posters want to call him a liar. I will take his word for it.
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