Ohio's new gun law just took effect, and....

Jun 2011
already a barber has been shot in the ass by a customer. Inadvertantly, but shot nonetheless.

But there is a kicker in this story that people have no picked up on yet. Let's see who can pick up the clue I have not spoken out loud.

Ohio' Law concealed carry law went into effect on October 1, 2011.

And here the story about the barber: (story from October 6, 2011)

(Columbus Dispatch)


"PARMA, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio barber says he got more than a tip from one longtime customer, whose gun accidentally discharged and left a bullet in the hair cutter’s backside.

Barber Kurt Voelkel in the Cleveland suburb of Parma says the man was adjusting his clothing and sitting down on Sept. 29 when a 9 mm handgun fell from his holster, struck the ground and went off.

WJW-TV reports a bullet passed through the chair where Voelkel was sitting and also went through his wallet before coming to rest deep in his buttocks. He spent more than two hours being treated at a hospital, where doctors decided to leave the slug where it is, for now.

Voelkel decided not to file charges against the customer, who’s covering his medical needs."...


So, what doesn't fit here?


Here is a detailed article about the concealed carry law:

"CLEVELAND -- It is business as usual at The Harp.A new law went into effect today in Ohio that concealed carry permit holders could bring guns into bars, restaurants, malls and sporting venues.
But bar, restaurant, and private business owners get to decide if legal permit holders can bring guns into their establishments and, here at The Harp, the answer is "no."
But there is a statewide debate about whether the new law will make things safer or more dangerous.
As of today, people with concealed carry permits will be allowed to carry their gun in bars and restaurants where alcohol is served.
Businesses still have the option to ban concealed weapons for safety reasons. The law also keeps gun owners from drinking alcohol or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Permit holders will also be allowed to drive without securing their gun in a holster.


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Great example of selective reporting and it's potential influence on the opinion of the reader. I always enjoy when people point these stories out.
Sep 2011
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I'd say that the kicker it that this incident has nothing to do with the new law. Unless, of course, the barber is selling shots to go along with a trim.

The dropped gun might be due in part to the fact that he no longer has to drive with it holstered, but without more information it would be pure speculation to assume so.
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You all have missed the important point about the law. Go look at the dates mentioned again...
This ??
COLUMBUS -- Ohioans with concealed-carry permits can take their firearms into bars and other facilities where alcohol is served and consumed, as long as they don't drink, under a law taking effect Friday.Read more: Ohio Law Allowing Guns In Bars, Arenas Takes Effect - Politics News Story - WLWT Cincinnati
I mjust be stupid today !!! What you talkin bout ?
Jul 2011
You all have missed the important point about the law. Go look at the dates mentioned again...
twisting the idea of what "shot" means there bonn?

gun accidently discharges and wounds the barber due to the carelessness of gun owner.

i gather you are against the law.
Jun 2011
Bonn, Ohio began issuing CC permits in 2004. The new law only expanded the places one could carry.
This is correct, but the irony is that this accident took place two days before the new law took effect.

Since it is a private business, then it is the decision of the owner as to whether CC is allowed in his or her establishment, only, if someone is concealing, how in the world can you know if a weapon is in the room or not? That's the rub I meant.

And yes, I am in strong disagreement with the law, as are practically all bar owners in OH. It is an absolutely stupid and mindless law and places guns too close to alcohol, always a dangerous mix. This is just absolute insanity at it's worst.