O'Keefe at it again, now attempting to scam Planned Parenthood

Mar 2008
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When a man showed up at eight Planned Parenthood clinics in five states within five days, claiming that he ran an underage sex trafficking ring, Planned Parenthood reported it to the FBI. They also figured it was probably a "hoax" in which anti-abortion types were trying to catch clinic employees saying something damning on tape.

Planned Parenthood was right. Today, Live Action, an anti-abortion group run by James O'Keefe associate Lila Rose, posted a video it claims shows a Planned Parenthood employee in New Jersey instructing a "pimp" on how to get his underage and illegal immigrant sex workers STD testing and abortions.

It's not even different from the ACORN scam story. Sad that I knew O'Keefe was involved before I even read his name. I figured I'd post this before the Right Wing echo chamber could gain traction with this botched scam.


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Dec 2006
A Refresher Course On Andrew Breitbart's Dishonest Tactics

February 01, 2011 8:02 pm ET — 44 Comments
Andrew Breitbart's website Big Government is promoting heavily edited videos produced by anti-abortion rights activist Lila Rose and falsely claiming that the video proves that Planned Parenthood engages in systemic criminal activities. Below, Media Matters reviews the dishonest tactics used in the past by Andrew Breitbart, James O'Keefe, and other Breitbart associates.

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Jan 2008
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The thing about stuff like this is, it isn't going to convert anyone from one side to the other. The available responses are "its a scam" and "see, we knew it all along".

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