Oklahoma passes new anti-abortion bill

Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
I'm not sure I agree with your analysis on this one, Rasselas. By defining a "fetus" as a person, this moves the question beyond the "privacy" issues covered in Roe v Wade. After all, it is now a question of whether a fetus fits the legal requirements for personhood. If it does, one does not have a "right to privacy" when contracting a doctor to assist in murder.

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O, don't be silly. This is a nonstarter.
Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
Yes, it has. No other state had passed such a bill. You seem very confident that a rabidly anti-choice governor, who has very publicly made her opinion in favour of personhood well known, will inconceivably act contrary to her own position, and veto this bill. On what are you basing this, as it can't possibly be the history of this governor?

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Roe is not the most well-written decision in history, but one principle is clear. The state has no cognizable interest in a fetus that is not viable. All throughout the pregnancy (and all her life), a woman has a constitutional right to dominion over her body in exactly the same fashion as a man. But during the last trimester of a pregnancy, the state has a (not unlimited) interest in the life of the fetus.

This is not a principle that a state can avoid merely by employing a few different words.
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Jun 2014
According to Oklahoma lawmakers approve bill to revoke licenses of abortion doctors | Reuters, Oklahoma just passed the first blanket ban on abortion since Roe v Wade.

The bill would "… revoke the license of any doctor who performs an abortion…"

The law hinges on it's definition of human life as beginning at conception, and granting personhood to fetuses. I think this might require a whole new court battle, as it renders the precedents set by Row v Wade as moot.

Progressives might want to remember this, as they consider letting a Republican - any Republican - win the Presidential election, just because your pet candidate didn't win. The next President will name, at least one, possibly as many as three justices to the Supreme Court. A court that will decide issues like this. What kind of justice do you think Trump, or, even worse, Cruz will name to the Court.

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I'm trying to find some confirmation and details on this.

Not having much luck.

Would expect something like this to make bigger news.

Reuters is a good outlet but that's a pretty sparse article.

Here's an article from a local outlet from four days ago: Abortion of certain fetuses outlawed under Oklahoma bill | Oklahoma City - OKC - KOCO.com

Is that the same legislation?


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Dec 2010
Jul 2014
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As soon as the bill is signed it will be challenged in federal court. OK is looking for a case that go before the court to establish the question of when life begins.

The court does not want that job. the question of when life begins is not a judicial or legislative question.

The Court did not take up the question during RvW and the science has not changed. The Court can not rule on matters of philosophy.
Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
Oklahoma GOPer Suggests God Will Pay For Costly Legal Battle Over Abortion Ban

An Oklahoma lawmaker pushing a bill that would more-or-less ban abortion in the state dismissed concerns that the legislation would drag the cash-strapped state into a costly legal battle by suggesting God would take care of the state's financial issues.

"Everybody talks about this $1.3 billion deficit,” state Rep. David Brumbaugh (R) said during Thursday evening's deliberations of the bill, before invoking a saying he said a friend told him.

"If we take care of the morality, God will take care of the economy,” he said.
My old state has gone batshit crazy since I left in 1983.