Old photo of McConnell in racist redneck face

Jul 2016
Another Twitter user, who goes by Resistance Rosie, posted, “Northam should resign. But I love how the GOP is indignant while supporting current GOP racists like Trump (Nazi’s are fine people), Steve King (open white supremacist), Cindy Hyde-Smith (wants to sit front row at a lynching), and confederate flag McConnell. #Hypocrisy.”


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Dec 2010
I love the ignore function. So much love. Thanks be to Chip.

Also, nothing will happen to McConnell, and everybody knows it.
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Dec 2018
the Heart of America
Time for him to resign! If Northam has to, then so must McConnell .
Agreed, but it points out the hypocrisy of both sides. Was what Northam did bad? Yes. Was it stupid shit that college students do? Yes. Should his actions since college be more determinant of his character and fitness for office than his actions as a college student? Yes.

Now let's talk about Kavanaugh. Same questions. Let the hypocrisy begin.

BTW, I was against Kavanaugh serving on the Supreme Court not because he did stupid shit in HS and college, but because I think he was less than honest under oath during his confirmation hearing....and I'm being nice in not accusing him of outright lying during it since being less than honest is enough to deny confirmation IMO.
Nov 2016
As we all know, that is all different, different, different..

Yeah, IOKIYAR, as usual. The GOPers gave that woman from Mississippi a free pass for her history of racism and elected her Senator. If Northam must resin, then she must, as well. Bur IOKIYAR.
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