Oman Free Trade Agreement


Patrick Henry


Under this agreement, you can see by Chapter 11 Trade & Services, that Dubai ports or any other company in the area for that matter can still control our ports one day.

There is all this language that basically shows that all Dubai ports would have to do is have an operation in Oman accross the border and they have free access purchasing the ports like they wanted to originally.

If the US Congress(who I have no faith in) and we the people try to stand up and stop such a thing, at that point under the terms of the agreement, the debate goes to international tribunal outside the purview of the US Congress and Supreme Court. This international tribunal would be the ruling body on whether we keep Dubai ports or not.

See, the language in the agreement allows that there be no preferential treatment given or exclusions made between companies operating in Oman and companies operating in the United States. So by signing this agreement with oman, we basically cannot say no if any company in the area wishes to take over our ports since we already allow other foreign companies, because that would be a preferential disadvantage.

If we would refuse, the company would then run to the international tribunal. The US would then have the option to aquiesce or accept a fine to pay the other company off for having reneged on our promise.

Don't you just love how "free" trade works according to the globalists? Yay! I just love being under the control of foreign dictates. Don't you?

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